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This year, Ebizbank, a North American branch, has launched an overseas showroom service.The North American branch of the permanent exhibition hall provides nearly 500 booths, and enterprises can display the products in the North American exhibition hall, so that local customers can directly understand the information and the functions and advantages of the products.This is a new mode in overseas promotion, including CES, many large exhibitors effect gradually decline under the condition of Ebizbank overseas permanent exhibition service has milepost significance, will be conducive to domestic enterprises "bringing in" and "going out", to support the steady growth of foreign trade.


At present, the North American branch has reached an agreement with the local Chinese Chamber of commerce at the same time, Bass Pro can be directly connected with Shops, The Home Depot, the source and B&H and other large supermarkets, overseas exhibition service will be effectively the enterprise products to open sales channels, to the market. In addition, there are also professional foreign trade elite responsible for docking and tracking product promotion effect, to help enterprises to find potential customers.


Overseas exhibition services have the following six advantages:


1、long-term overseas show.

Ebizbank will establish permanent exhibition hall in North America, to achieve the company information and product information on the long-term overseas show.


2Local personnel service.

The North American team is mainly made up of overseas Chinese and local people. Each of them has many years of experience in foreign trade. In addition, the "foreign trade elite" provides one to one professional services


3、Booth cost is low.

Overseas exhibition hall management fee is only 120 U. S. dollars / Showcase / month


4、Into the retail channels.

the products will be recommended to Wal-Mart, Best Buy and other large business super, have the opportunity to enter the retail channel directly


5、Docking with the local chamber of Commerce.

EB has been with the United States and Canada Chinese Association have reached a cooperation agreement, the future will directly serve the chamber of commerce enterprises, products of domestic enterprises through overseas exhibition hall will be directly to the chamber of commerce enterprise.


6、Overseas after-sales service.

Overseas exhibition hall can take into account the functions of after-sales service points, and save a lot of business costs

As a new way to promote overseas, overseas resident hall in the "show" and "chain" service, has won the trust of many businessmen.

EB plan to carry out the same type business services with many countries and regions in the world, overseas permanent exhibition hall is expected to become a mainstream overseas promotion the way.

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